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Get up to £250,000 back on your 2024 IT projects 

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BIG Corporate Cash Giveaway

2024 IT Projects Planned? How exciting.

So you've been tasked with helping transform your organisations next phase of communications to support the ambition to move to a new level of growth and innovation.

But the choice is daunting, right?

The endless vendor pitches, sales hype and regular bombardments asking for an update. Not something to look forward to I'm sure. So, how do you ensure you are working with the right providers in your key technology areas, and are actually getting the best of what is truly available?

How can you ensure you've reviewed the best the marketplace has to offer you?

TECHGIANT guarantee your future buyer certainty by doing the hard work for you, all from a huge global marketplace, and with unbiased research and decades of expertise.

We review each and every vendor out there based on your requirements, keeping the market noise away, and providing you with a shortlist of likely suitors, based on budget, fit for purpose technology, cultural barometers, user churn, future roadmap, market dependencies and much more. Our workings and logic are then evidenced to you in a transparent report, delivered free of charge with no cost to you whatsoever.

We are also paying up to 9 months of your first years premiums ourselves, up to £250,000 returned to your business bank account.

For more details on this unrivalled offer, and a no-obligation off-record chat, please tell us a bit more about you and your organisation below. 

TECHGIANT, removing the risk, sales hype and miscommunication out of Vendor selection for Procurement teams and hard working IT Professionals.

Guaranteeing buyer certainty by bringing the marketplace to you.

How much you will get back from your next IT Project? Book an off-record chat with us today.

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