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Core Management

At TECHGIANT, our small but dynamic London-based team delivers top-notch, humanised, and empathetic IT services and consulting, fostering genuine care for our clients and the environment, while driving innovation and efficiency to empower businesses for success in the digital era.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ian Taylor

Ian is a seasoned business-technology consultant, well versed in helping enterprise organizations plan, design and deliver positive change, consistently across three decades.


His dynamic leadership skills, and tremendous passion for people and culture, has successfully transformed a number of the largest technology sales organisation’s worldwide.

Head of Corporate Development

Oliver Taylor

After a short while working for other sales organisations , Oliver joined his father Ian at TECHGIANT with a goal of learning to delight clients and understanding the essential elements that create customer service excellence. 


Oliver’s youthful age is also a genuine advantage to the business, as he brings workplace insight and expectation from the younger generations, which hold the key to success for many future organisations, large and small.

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