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Fancy a Free Headset?

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Laptop and Headphone

Headsets are often taken for granted.

Their significance lies in providing a hands-free solution for employees, allowing them to multitask efficiently while engaging in important phone conversations or virtual meetings.


By enabling clear and focused audio communication, headsets facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, regardless of their physical location.

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Complete our survey below to claim your device

TECHGIANT guarantees your complete anonymity in submitting this survey.
QUESTION 1. What is the biggest obstacle for positive change across your organisation today?
QUESTION 2: Has your overall approach to transformation changed since COVID?
QUESTION 3: To understand the major areas of future investments, what IT Projects do you have planned over the course of the next 18 months?

Please note. This offer is not open to organisations with less than 100 employees, the ICT industry resellers or the vendor community. Speaker sets are also available for this incentive.

 Offer applies only for IT, Procurement, and Executive related roles. After completion, this requires a brief call to establish the correct headset device for your working environment. ( We ship internationally )

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