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Switch On or Switch Off?
The move to All-IP. 

Did you know

76% of UK copper connected organisations still do not feel ready for migration to IP services.

Many cite nonchalant approaches by their incumbent suppliers, lack of appropriate destination technologies, or extreme price hikes.

Keeping It Simple

If you are currently receiving ISDN Services at any of your locations then you are most likely providing telephony locally at site, or from your data centres. Now could be a good time to bypass SIP migration and move to a UCaaS solution, saving you onsite resources plus any future upgrade costs, and providing you with less complex evergreen services to drive agility and flexibility far into the future.

Ofcom regulations driving change across the UK - Are You Ready?

The Big ISDN Switch-Off is being forced onto many thousands of business customers in the UK, and with a looming final deadline of 2025, many local services are due to cease earlier. Here we discuss your best options and how to plan to get ahead in the brave new world of All-IP. 


As the Service Providers look to turn off their legacy copper networks, aiming to migrate their customers over to All-IP connectivity, it is becoming very obvious that the suggested approach by a number of these Carriers may not entirely be altruistic keeping in mind a forced change, but instead clients are complaining of often being pigeon-holed by technology rather than by edge user case and deeper business need. 

Migrating your traditional infrastructures and connectivity ought to be viewed as a real positive opportunity to allow you to take stock of your current plans for transformation, and to ensure any new technology investment (either driven by the need to migrate or not) forms part of the supporting pillars that serves only to further strengthen your onward digital journey.


Anything less is very much surplus to requirements.

So the time has come to ask ourselves, what options are indeed out there? Is there a better way to do this? How can I leverage what I have, the systems, the people, the familiarity, and look to save money yet drive performance higher off the back of this nationwide migration to All-IP?

It is time to decide whether you will Switch On or Switch Off to Britain's All-IP Migration Programme.

From DC to Device

If you have a number of legacy technologies which require migration to IP, alongside other investment renewals, why not consider a single consolidated customer journey with TECHGIANT to remove demarcation and improve SLA's and User Experience with a DC to Device approach.

Knowing The Marketplace

There are so many variables to consider when looking to migrate your services. Does this new technology provide the necessary support towards our long -term future strategic planning? Is this merely a short term fix? Are we in fact paying the price for a supplier's lack of options, coverage and reach?

It is important to know your full range of options before you commit - TECHGIANT provide precisely this to all of our customers.

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