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'The Foundations of Change' 

See the short clip below, then take a look at the agenda and let us know which session(s) you would like to see by completing our contact form.


21st Century Mindset - TECHGIANT

A brief summary of the challenges and constraints modern business operations are facing, and a review of the key components of a leadership 21st Century Mindset.


21st Century Workspace - Jabra

A look into the changing dynamic of the workforce, and where (and how) to fully support these demands from a more agile world.


The Foundations of Change - TECHGIANT

A concise brief of all today's speakers and content, featuring key areas of each presentation, together with a summary view from event hosts TECHGIANT.


21st Century Collaboration - 8x8

Factual session with current customer feedback as to how the customer engagement world is changing, and how to get ahead in your market space.


21st Century Cyber Resilience - eSentire

A look at the continual growing threat from cyber crime, and how to build a resilience for today, and tomorrow.


21st Century Cloud -  Sundown

An appealing discussion featuring the threats and benefits of AI, Power BI, workflow and exactly how to navigate Cloud migrations safely.


21st Century Connectivity - Aryaka

Great advice on how to support your onward digital journey, from one of the best application performance connectivity providers worldwide.

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