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Thank you from TECHGIANT

We would like to extend our gratitude to you for completing this short survey which will help contribute towards a better understanding for providers of digital transformational services, so that they may better serve the UK business marketplace in the future.

Without your valued expertise suppliers cannot remain relevant in the marketplace, and so your insight and guidance here is not just appreciated, but also very much a necessity.

Thank you!

Ian Taylor


Head of Corporate Development 

We'd like to say thanks for providing your insight by offering you a free Jabra device of your choice (see below). After completing the survey below you will get confirmation and a code below the Submit button - have a pen and paper handy as this is only visible for around 5 seconds.

Please send this code to and claim your gift courtesy of TECH

TECHGIANT guarantees your complete anonymity in submitting this survey.
QUESTION 1. Have you seen a change in the approach to overall ICT procurement in support of more effective Digital Transformational planning since COVID (for example, does it appear more collaborative now with a singular vision across a wider stakeholder community)?
QUESTION 2: Has your priority ICT project planning changed in terms of technologies, timing or procurement pre and post COVID?
QUESTION 3: Are you finding more of a visible 'top down' sponsor for projects in terms of acquisition and delivery post COVID?
QUESTION 4: Are there any shorter term projects or projects which started off traditionally that will have to be reviewed/re-worked under this new methodology?

Thanks for submitting! Your Code is #NS720 - Please email this to

*Please note. This offer not open to organisations with less than 50 employees, the ICT industry reseller or vendor community and requires a brief device profiling session. 

 Offer applies only for IT, Procurement and Executive related roles. 

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